What do hardworking women want
for themselves?

Appreciation.  "Me" time.  Fun.  Luxury.  The latest trends.  Beauty.  Fitness.  Solutions that make life easier.


We're here to provide that, with minimal effort required on your part -- because we know that's the one thing today's woman doesn't have left over.


You may think that the concept of treating yourself sounds frivolous, but hear us out! 

Research shows that rewards provide you the energy you need to ask more of yourself.  It's not selfish or indulgent - it's a necessity.  Here's how we fill your cup for you, so that you have more to pour:
Gifts and Services:
We have a monthly subscription service as well as the option of purchasing these items individually.  There's something for everyone! 
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Our Blog:
Topics with a common undertone: self-care, personal or professional development, and motivation.  Most of the time.  Sometimes they're just random.
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Our Community:
Get plugged in with our Facebook and Pinterest communities for helpful tips and a forum to share with like-minded women!  If nothing else, you'll realize that so many other women are in the same position as you -- and you'll survive! 
Gifts for me?   Tell me more!
Treat yourself to a monthly subscription of carefully researched and vetted luxurious gifts!  We curate a collection of products perfect for hardworking women like you - trendy, indulgent, and exciting, yet practical.  Use us for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, achievements, or… our favorite, ‘just because!’
Why do I need this?
You are pretty much amazing at everything -- except treating yourself!  We think balance and rewards are crucial to keeping you going, and want to help.  
We want you to go to that cocktail party and talk about more than your job or your children - we want you to gush that you don’t know how you previously lived without your new cashmere slippers, rave about how relaxing your new adult coloring hobby is, and use your newfound knowledge of gourmet wine and cheese to impress.
Examples, please?
You know our products.  You've seen or heard about them, instantly wanted them, and made a mental note to look into them.  
With everything else on your plate, you probably didn't get around to doing the research or going to the specialty store that carries them.  That's where we come in.  
Some of them are brand name popular products or classic indulgences by companies that do it best, some are brilliant innovations that make life easier and more enjoyable, and some are geared towards exposing you to new interests.   You choose what you want based on your mood!

Examples: hot fitness products, spa and beauty products, baking or mixology sets, sparkling water makers, luxury sheets, specialty food and wine, trendy accessories, stylish serveware to show off at your next dinner party, bluetooth showerhead speakers

How does the subscription work?

What happens after you subscribe or are gifted a subscription:

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Enjoy our monthly newsletter, with tips and stories aimed to help you find balance in your life.  And, the fun part, GET ACCESS TO YOUR GIFT OPTIONS FOR THE MONTH!
Decide whether you want a trendy new product, a classic delight such as bath and beauty products, or a set of products to develop a new hobby..
Enjoy your new product, engage with our other subscribers for more ideas and to share experiences, and rate and suggest past and future products!